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  • Meet STRLGHT, HSW®'s trendsetter sneaker.


    This absolute must-have, comes in three essential nubuck leather colors, paired with classic white nappa leather for a timeless touch. STRLGHT features TR soles ensuring comfort and reliability.


    Nubuck leather is a high-quality material renowned for its luxurious and velvety texture. Nappa leather is famous for its soft texture and premium quality along with TR sole known for being wear resistant, comfortable and long lasting. The materials are easy to clean and friendly with any certified shoe cleaning products.


    STRLGHT isn't just a pair of sneakers; it's a statement of individual style. With a design that reflects modernity and uniqueness, these sneakers are your ticket to standing out in the crowd.


    €125,00 Regular Price
    €90,00Sale Price
    Color / Material
    • Upper: STRLGHT blends nubuck (soft, stylish) & nappa (comfy, timeless) leather.

      Colors: 3 nubuck options with white nappa (versatile for any outfit).

      Sole: Durable TR rubber sole (like others) for comfort and long wear.

      Care: Easy clean with shoe cleaner.

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